Full Stack Developer Challenge


The purpose of this document is to outline the various tests that are to be performed by candidates for the Full Stack Developer role.

When completed, the candidate has to upload source code to GitHub and share repository URL with the live URL reply back to Sendit team.

Test: Create E-commerce Admin-Website


  • Create e-commerce admin-website
  • Authentication
  • As admin user can (view create update delete) product
  • Deploy to some cloud service (Heroku, Firebase, Netlify, etc)
  • Create Restful-API (or Graphql is plus)
  • Docker is plus (Dockerfile is enough)
    • Front-End

      • React is required
      • Styled-components is required
      • Mobx or Redux as State Management is required
      • If you using GraphQL (Apollo is plus)
      • Recompose is plus (not required)
      • UI Framework is allow such as Ant Design, Material UI, Bootstrap, etc
      • Responsive is plus
    • Back-End

      • Node.js is required
      • Express or Koa is required
      • Sequelize is required
      • Authentication by using Passport.js is required

We just want to know that you can work with our technology stack. So, don't be serious with this requirement. Feel free to adapt to show us your technical skill.

We will consider your coding style and project structure. So, do your best